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Kenneth Slaught - President of Investec

Real estate professional Kenneth Slaught is the founder and president of Investec Real Estate Companies in Santa Barbara, California. Investec currently stands as the largest real estate management company in Santa Barbara, with more than $1 billion of California real estate purchased and sold throughout its 33-year history. In his role as president, Kenny Slaught provides leadership at… Continue Reading

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Kenny Slaught California Investor And Philanthropist Celebrates California Architecture

The city’s most popular buildings include the old Hotel Virginia, the historic El Pueblo Viejo district and the Old Mission’s two towers. The County Courthouse’s colorful tiles depict beautiful artworks, while the clock tower and observation deck deliver a great view of Santa Barbara. The Lobero theatre, built in 1873, was revamped by George Washington… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Notes Many HSB Counsellors EDMR Certified

Multiple Hospice of Santa Barbara counsellors have obtained certification for EMDR, and are effectively integrated the cutting-edge therapy. The therapy has resulted in many clients have reporting greater feelings of ease and comfort than with talk therapy alone, as EMDR serves as an important complement to talk therapy for clients with particularly difficult grief or… Continue Reading