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Kenneth Slaught - President of Investec

Real estate professional Kenneth Slaught is the founder and president of Investec Real Estate Companies in Santa Barbara, California. Investec currently stands as the largest real estate management company in Santa Barbara, with more than $1 billion of California real estate purchased and sold throughout its 33-year history. In his role as president, Kenny Slaught provides leadership at… Continue Reading

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Philanthropist Kenny Slaught Supports Hospice Of Santa Barbara

Kenny Slaught recognizes that many families depend on the hospice and their counseling and support services. Regularly, the hospice offers individual, group, and family counseling sessions free of charge. These helpful programs deal with a variety of issues regarding traumatic loss while emphasizing the various aspects of emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being that are critical… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Notes Hoover Dam’s Success Powering American Communicies

Located on the border between the US states of Arizona and Nevada, the Hoover Dam is an impeccable force designed to give water and hydroelectric power to a significant part of that region, taking advantage of the Colorado River. Santa Barbara-based property expert and thoughtful philanthropist Kenny Slaught acknowledges the success of the miraculous architectural… Continue Reading