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Kenneth Slaught - President of Investec

Real estate professional Kenneth Slaught is the founder and president of Investec Real Estate Companies in Santa Barbara, California. Investec currently stands as the largest real estate management company in Santa Barbara, with more than $1 billion of California real estate purchased and sold throughout its 33-year history. In his role as president, Kenny Slaught provides leadership at… Continue Reading

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Kenny Slaught On Architectural Trends In California

The Spanish Colonial revival.style was started by architect George Washington Smith almost 100 years ago. First a Harvard student, Smith left the school to focus on bond trading work. Later on, he relocated to Santa Barbara to pursue his hobbies. However, he noticed that the locals liked the house he built and decided to create… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught Provides Information On How To Support The Campaign

The campaign and restoration project will last for 6 years, and the updates will be made in steps, for the museum to stay open to visitors. Kenny Slaught says that the 4 objectives of the project are increasing community and gallery space, improving the museum experience for visitors, and focusing on what the facility needs… Continue Reading