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Kenneth Slaught - President of Investec

Real estate professional Kenneth Slaught is the founder and president of Investec Real Estate Companies in Santa Barbara, California. Investec currently stands as the largest real estate management company in Santa Barbara, with more than $1 billion of California real estate purchased and sold throughout its 33-year history. In his role as president, Kenny Slaught provides leadership at… Continue Reading

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Hoover Dam Through the Ages – Kenny Slaught

Elaborating on Hoover Dam’s past, Kenny Slaught says that the progressive structure was made during the American Great Depression happening between 1931 and 1936 and at a cost of 49 million USD. Boulder Dam was the original name of the project but due to big contributions of the then-President Herbert Hoover towards the creation of… Continue Reading

Kenny Slaught On Modernization And Discovery In Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is not only a famous tourist destination, but also a hub for new and developing businesses, Kenny Slaught says. Many new companies formed in recent years, and most of them, like AppScale, LastLine, TrackR, or Salty Girl Seafood, came right out of the University of California Santa Barbara. With more than $200 million… Continue Reading