The 10 Most Innovative Trends In Architecture

The 10 Most Innovative Trends In Architecture


The world of architecture never ceases to amaze and inspire us. Every single day, more advances are made to the way our ingenuity as a species is realized in the form of buildings, houses, and other types of structures that go beyond the boundaries of our imagination. Here at Kenny Slaught’s Blog, we bring you the best examples of that ingenuity every week, with designs that are truly inspiring to those record-breaking constructions that make up hopeful to see, what the best architects around the world, are going to come up with next. With that being said, today we bring you just a taste or the many ways architects and designers are innovating every day, to bring us the future of architecture.  

Amazing bridges

Bridges are amazing examples of the wonders of architecture being put to the service of our species. Today we have bridges going across rivers, traverse mountain ranges, connect countries, go over oceans and even in some cases, bring two continents together. The new designs that we have seen in the last few years are nothing but amazing; true works of art helping us connect and get across obstacles. A perfect example can be seen in this beautiful pedestrian bridge in China.

More about the people, less about the building

There is a visible shift in the way architects are approaching design nowadays. A bigger emphasis is being given to the individuals that inhabit the structures than to the structures themselves. There are buildings that utilize spaces in the best possible way to enhance personal relationships between tenants by making better use of common areas and creating more opportunities for people to intersect as they travel through the building.


As ideas become more and more innovative, architects work in collaborations with other fields to create constructions that are more sustainable, environmentally friendly and even more nurturing and socially inclusive to those who dwell inside. Is its also very common to see designers playing roles that used to belong only to the architectural community as well as the sociologist and environmental engineers involved in architectural processes more and more every day.

Humanitarian architecture

Humanitarian architectural projects have become more popular as a response to the many crises the world has faced as of lately. Situations that go from the refugee situations to many natural disasters that have struck many countries around the world have almost forced architects and designers to come up with ways to respond and step up to the task of helping alleviate the condition of those who are less fortunate.

Indoor Parks

A great example of what technology can achieve, is the design of Zaryadye Park, Moscow’s first new public park in over 50 years. The building brings a beautiful and perfectly harmonious display to the table, as it can function as a public park all year round, guarded from the harsh winters of Russia. The park is said to be able to house four different environments like the tundra, steppe, forest and wetlands by efficiently regulating the temperature inside the structure.

Natural-disaster proof

This small homes and buildings are built so they can withstand the harshest of natural conditions and provide its inhabitants with a safe environment in which to live. An artist by the name of Dionisio Gonzales has already created some of these futuristic-looking structures along the coast of Alabama in the Gulf of Mexico. They are incredibly sturdy and able to sustain the strong winds and damage from the local hurricanes and tropical storms.

Image courtesy of Olearys at
Image courtesy of Olearys at

Green power plants

Thinking about all the new sustainable energy technologies and the buildings used to harness this power, architects have been thinking of ways of making these buildings not only more safe, efficient and environmentally friendly in the inside, but also including designs that make the outside blend and nurture with the surrounding nature.

3D printing

3D printing technologies are making it possible to print entire rooms and give a whole new meaning to the interior design. The process is being used also to print entire buildings, as this innovative tool allows us to work in ways never before imagined. Architects Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger have created some amazing work using this particular technology.

Water-filtering construction

The +POOL was an amazing project that became possible through crowd funding this year. This particular idea introduces a floating pool over the Hudson River that while allows for people to swim in it and enjoy their time, also filters the water of the river and removes contaminants from it.

Inflatable buildings

There is a project in Japan that has created an inflatable concert hall. The structure can be blown up and then once again deflated and moved to a different location. Just the idea in itself presents a great opportunity for implementation into many other uses that can greatly help humanity in areas struck by disaster.